Our Trip to the Akron Fossils & Science Center (Truassic Park)

We recently visiting The Akron Fossils & Science Center and were really impressed with the facility.  It was a fun and educational atmosphere and the kids really enjoyed the time we spent there.

They teach Intelligent Design vs. Evolution in a very admirable way.  The center was established to provide answers to the important questions on creation.

Even though I knew it was a creation based center, I was impressed that the guide took the time to explain this to me before I purchased tickets for my family.  That way, guests know what to expect prior to making the purchase.

The Guided Tour

The tour started at the Lecture Hall where the guide did a great job entertaining the children and teaching them all about fossils and dinosaur bones.  There was a wide variety of fossils that we got to hold and pass around the audience.

Then we moved over to the Science Hall where the guide talked about living fossils, volcanoes, and the age of the earth.  They even showed a short video about the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

The last part of the tour was the Biblical History Hall, where the guide gave an overview of the creation story from the bible.  Next we were shown a model of Noah’s Ark and we talked a little about the animals that were on the ark.

Truassic Park

Truassic Park is a dinosaur themed park, with ride on toys, a slide, swings, a zip-line and much more.  Unfortunately, the day we were there it was cold and rainy so we didn’t spend much time outside.  We did get to launch the paper airplanes the kids made during the tour.  The planes probably flew 150 ft!  The kids would launch them, run to retrieve them and then launch them again.  It was a blast!

We can’t wait to visit the center again.  Next time we’ll choose a warm day so we can play in the park longer.

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  1. Kevin says

    We loved the museum. While small, it was very informative. Many times people are so indoctrinated to believe the modern secular scientist theories, and blindly follow them. In fact according to the scientific method which is what is observable and repeatable, none of the historical evolutionist theories are actual science, but a belief (see Evolution vs God which can be found on you tube). Every time an evolutionist tries to argue the point it ends up being about variations within a kind or a family. Darwin’s finches didn’t evolve any more than a breeder of dogs evolved various dog varieties. All scientists agree on natural selection and variations within a family. However nobody has ever seen a cat become a dog or something along those lines. That is a belief, not observable science. No secular scientist can explain how non-life came alive. In fact, it is chemically and biologically impossible! It is a belief, pure and simple.

    So, please, be open to see things without bias and follow the evidence where it leads and don’t blindly go by evolutionary ideas postulated by people who come to the evidence with a bias of their own.

    Thanks :)

  2. Ruth says

    Very very disappointed in this run down “science” center. Also, how inappropriate that the facility tries push their religious beliefs on their customers. I didn’t have a coupon and had to pay full price. The only reason I stayed was that my granddaughter, who was out of town, was looking forward to something fun to do. What an embarrassment! The owners should be ashamed of themselves charging so much for such a run down place.

    • Find Time for Fun says


      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Our family enjoyed our trip to the museum and respected they fact that they were open about the fact that it was a creation based museum.

      Even though you were disappointed about what was taught at Akron Fossils, I hope you and your granddaughter had a good time.


  3. Diana says

    My problem with the place is that there is nothing “scientific” about it. While it may be great fun – what kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? – it’s purpose is a religious one and they try to downplay that in the advertising so that people aren’t aware of what they’re walking in to.

    • Find Time for Fun says


      I understand your concern. However, I was very impressed that the person at the front desk told us about what they would be teaching so we knew what to expect prior to paying for our tickets. In our experience, they didn’t intentionally mislead us, and I doubt that is ever their intent.

      Take Care,


  4. Sara says

    This place was horrible, overpriced. It was the basement of a old building, completely misleading than from what was on the websit. Total disappointment. The outside was untidy with old toys. Thank goodness I found a coupon and did not pay the full price for our family, or I would have really been upset.

    • Find Time for Fun says


      I’m sorry to hear that you and your family didn’t enjoy your trip. We visited about 6 months ago and really enjoyed it.



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