Edgewood Park & Sprayground in Barberton

Barberton's Edgewood Park

The kids and I were on a mission to cool off a few weeks ago, so we ventured out to Edgewood Park in Barberton to check out their Sprayground.

FREE Barberton Edgewood Park & Sprayground

1170 Liberty Ave Barberton, OH 44203
Sprayground opened daily from 11:00am until 8:00pm (Summer Only)

Edgewood Park Playground

I am pretty impressed with the park, it is well kept, has lot of green space and plenty of shade.  The playground equipment is very large with lots of different slides and climbing equipment.  There is a separate playground area for smaller children.

Edgewood Park Toddler Playground

The Spraygroud was large and very clean as well.  The kids enjoyed the feature in the middle of the sprayground that periodically dumped buckets of water on them.

Some of the water features were working, but there was still plenty of fun to be had!

Edgewood Park Sprayground

Edgewood Park and Sprayground Pros & Cons

While we enjoyed our trip overall, there are some pros and cons I noted about the park.


  • Large playground with various slides, monkey bars, hanging bars, bridges and climbing obstacles.
  • Swings for both toddlers and older children.
  • Located in a neighborhood so not many cars were driving by.
  • Plenty of picnic tables, benches and trashcans.  Covered Pavilion
  • Large areas of Green Space
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Restrooms (It was a Porta Potty…but it was clean)


  • Small parking lot.
  • Playground is not enclosed by a fence.

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I’m always looking for new places to go, and I’d love some suggestions.  What Northeast Ohio parks and playgrounds do you frequent?

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  1. Heidi says

    Please be careful with the little ones on the splash pads here because last time I was there there was algae on the pad which made it slippery and my one year slipped and fell. I like this park a lot but they need to keep up with the algae on the splash pads, that’s my only complaint.

  2. says

    We just went to this park yesterday. The kids totally loved it, and I thought it was very nice, but I noticed a lot of the features were still not working. The main tall ones were working fine, but only about 3 of the dozen or so in-ground fountain nozzle thingies were working. Still liked it and will go back for sure. The only other con was the group of foul-mouthed adults standing near the playground structure. (Hey, I have been known to swear like a truck driver at times, but I usually control myself when I’m at a playground! I counted about seven f-bombs out of one woman in less than 5 minutes… with her small children and my 2yr old & 6yr old all within earshot. Classy!) We went in the early evening yesterday, but if we go on a weekday morning or afternoon instead, I think we’d have better luck…

    • Find Time for Fun says

      Glad you had fun! We’ve been back a couple times since I originally posted, and the kids have enjoyed it each time. It is unfortunate that they haven’t gotten all the water features fixed yet, but it’s still a lot of fun.

      I always cringe when I hear people talking that way near children. We had a similar experience at a parade last weekend. Very unfortunate.

      Take Care!


  3. Michelle Rouzzo says

    My family has been going to the Ft Island/Griffith Park in Fairlawn for years with my siblings’ kids. Now we take our two kids there too and it’s definitely our favorite local park. They have a nice fenced area with the large playground equipment – large and small. Plus the tennis courts, basketball courts, and trail for walking.


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