KidZibits Family Education Center Review and Ticket Giveaway

Over the weekend my husband and I took our kids to the Western Reserve Historical Society’s History Center in University Circle to check out the KidZibits Family Educational Center.

There are two sections of the center:  The Time & Space Place (tailored to children ages 6 to 9) and the Backyward of History (tailored to toddlers and preschoolers).  The interactive exhibits are designed to teach children about history through play and discovery. 

Before we went into the exhibit I picked up the KidZibits Family Exhibit Guide brochure.  The brochure contains many different activity ideas and questions to ask your children as they explore the center.  It provides some inspiration on ways to get your children thinking during your stay.

KidZibits’ The Time & Space Place

Despite being slightly younger than the 6 to 9 age group this section of the exhibit is tailored to, both of my children enjoyed The Time & Space Place.

They explored the How We Eat area and learned about the various methods for preparing food (Fire, Cast Iron Stove, Electric Stove, and Microwave).  They set the table for us and “made” us a meal using the available cooking utensils and plastic food.

They used the interactive map of Northeast Ohio in the How We Travel section to learn about the different methods of travel (Walking, Horse Drawn Carriages, Bicycles, Cars, Trains) and how far a person could travel after one hour of each methods.

Other sections of the Time & Place Space include:

  • What We Wear – Feel various types of fabric and look at photographs from the 1750s, 1850s, 1950s and today to determine which fabrics clothes from that time period were made out of.
  • How We See in the Dark – Travel through the tunnel and learn about the type of lighting that was used in 4 different time periods (fires, candles, caroseen, and electricity.  This area was a big hit with my kids.
  • What Our Town Looks Like - Look at the Centennial map of Cleveland to see what the city looked like years ago.

KidZibits’ Backyard of History

The Backyard of History area consisted of two different rooms.  In the first room there was a play garden complete with fabric fruits and vegetables and a small wooden house.  My kids enjoyed harvesting the garden and setting up a produce stand.  This room also contained many books, a family tree activity and puppets to enjoy.

The second room had lots of dress up clothes, hats and accessories that my daughter loved

A miniature farmers market, complete with shopping lists

And blocks of all shapes and sizes for kids to build the Cleveland skyline.  My husband and son had fun building the highest tower they could.  It provided a great opportunity to teach my son the best way to stack blocks in order to make a study tower.  He was very proud of their creation!

Planning Your Visit to the History Center & KidZibits

We spent just under two hours at the History Center.  The majority of the time we were there was spent in the KidZibits Family Education Center, although we did take some time to view some of the other exhibits.

KidZibits Family Educational Center
10825 East Boulevard Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Win tickets to the KidZibits Family Education Center!

You have a chance to win a 4 pack of tickets to the History Center which will give you admittance into the KidZibits Family Education Center and all the other exhibits at the History Center!

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Disclosure: This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Western Reserve Historical Society who supplied the tickets for the review and giveaway.


  1. nicwis says

    One of the few place that that fab four and I have yet to visit! Even better if we can save on admin…

  2. Kate says

    This exhibit looks amazing! Innovative and creative ways to learn through play. Seems like it would be interesting for adults and kids!

  3. Denise F says

    That looks like so much fun!!!! My two boys (5 years old and 19 months) would love the pretend play areas, and they’re educational!!! You can’t beat that!! Please pick us!!!!! ;)

  4. says

    I would like to win the tickets because I have 6 kids and although we live not to far from University Circle we’ve never been there. Even if we don’t win, I think this website is very useful and will pass it along to my friends so they can enter to win as well. Thanks.


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