Knights Field Park, Sprayground and Kiddy City

Knights Field Park in Wooster, is a great location to take young children too.  The park consists of a large playground, a miniature city for kids to ride there bikes in, and large Sprayground opened during the summer months.  The playground and Kiddy City are FREE but there is a per person charge ($5 I believe) to use the sprayground.

Knights Field Park Playground

Knights Field Park Playground in Wooster

Knights Field Park has a large play ground (4,929 square foot) with multiple slides, bridges, tunnels, various climbing structures, monkey bars and a swing set with infant and regular swings.

The highlights of the playground were the blue tube tunnels that the kids could hide in and the small merry-go-round (not pictured).

Kiddy City

My kids loved riding their bikes around this miniature city, pretending they were in cars riding around on the roads, stopping at stores and going to work.  I also used the opportunity to teach them about traffic safety and to reenforce the rules of the road (i.e. stopping at stop signs, looking both ways, what the colors of the traffic light mean).

The City of Wooster Parks Department really went all out when designing the 12,036 square foot mini city and included:

Kiddie City Buildings

Seven different buildings, including houses and stores.

Kiddie City Traffic Light

A working traffic light.

Kiddie City Railroad Crossing

A railroad crossing and various traffic signs including stop signs and speed limit signs.

Kiddie City Bridge & River

Two bridges over a “river”

Kiddie City Tunnels

Multiple Tunnels.

Kiddie City Parking Spaces for Bikes

And of course Parking Spaces.

Knights Field Park Sprayground

Knights Field Park Sprayground

Along with Kiddy City there is a 19,500 square foot spray ground with 7 different spraying features and multiple fountains to keep the children entertained.  I liked that there were multiple picnic tables and restrooms nearby.

We were at the park for just under 3 hours (we didn’t use the sprayground) and my kids had fun the entire time.  I always appreciate finding fun things that keep them entertained for so long.

Between the playground, Kiddy City and sprayground kids could easily spend the entire day at Knights Field Park without getting bored.

Knights Field Park
701 Rebecca St Wooster, OH 44691

Note:  While the playground is open from dawn to dusk, Kiddy City is only open select hours.  Also the playground and Kiddy City are FREE, but there is a per person charge ($5 I believe) for the Sprayground. Be sure to call 330-263-5207 to confirm hours before visiting.

Have you been to Knights Field Park?  Did you enjoy it as much as we did?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    We were excited to try this park because we saw it on here. We drove all the way from canton. Waste odd time! The bike part, although cute, very run down! Can’t see the parking spots, light not working, and buildings fading. Extremely disappointed in the splash park. $7 for adults, $5 for kids, so I ended up spending $22 for a very small area and the kids were bored in less than an hour. Never going again!

  2. Ashley says

    The fee for the spray ground is $5 for 4 and up. 3 and under is free. Adults are also free if they aren’t using the spray ground. Also if you’re a member of ymca, it’s free. Just show your pass at the door

  3. Carly says

    Is this open on the Fourth of July? The number is useless as no one answers nor do they call you back. Anyone know?

      • Kim says

        We were surprised at the $5.oo fee for the splash park. NOWHERE does it say there is a fee. No signs, nothing mentioned on the website! Is this the fee they charged when they had the pool?? I thought it was a little over the top for the splash park. If they are going to charge, then please advertise it!

        • says


          I’m not sure if that was the same fee that was charged when the pool was there. I am also surprised that they don’t list the prices on their website. I added a note to this review to indicate there was a per person charge.

          Hopefully you were still able to enjoy your visit.


  4. JUDY FRANK says

    Went to the spray park today with my grandchildren. It was awesome. They are two and one. The Kiddie City was great too. We will no doubt be going back. Some trash around. We were the only ones in the spray park. I think the price is just too steep. Maybe if it was lowered, you would have more visitors to that part of the park. Perhaps the workers could pick up some of the trash on less busy days. Thanks for listening.

    • says

      Glad you and your grandchildren had a good time. We haven’t been yet this summer, but my kids just requested a trip to Kiddie City the other day so I think we need to get there before school starts.

      I agree with your comments about the spray park admission. Wish they would lower the price a little, I’m sure more would visit then.

      Thanks for letting us know about your visit!



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