Price Park in North Canton

Price Park in North Canton Ohio

Price Park in North Canton Ohio

Price Park is a beautiful 18.5 acre park located in North Canton Ohio.  The park offers many activities for both adults and children.  Our favorite things to do at the park include, feeding the ducks, playing on the playground and walking on the paved trail.

Ducks at Price Park

Duck Pond at Price Park

Feeding the Ducks at Price Park

There are easily a hundred ducks and geese at the park.  I especially enjoy the variety of ducks, solid white, black and white, brown, and the mallards with the blue-green iridescent features.

Because the ducks and geese are accustomed to being fed, they are not afraid to come close to you.  In fact, if you walk in the general area of the pond with food in hand, they will come quickly.  Very quickly!

While I enjoy how close the ducks come, it could get a little overwhelming for young children, especially when the geese get involved.   In our experience the ducks and geese are always friendly, but they will attempt to take bread out of our hands.  Because of this I highly recommend standing close to young children who are feeding the ducks.

Price Park Playground

Main Playground Structure at Price Park

The Playground at Price Park

The playground is another one of the spots we frequent.  The main playground structure is equipped with various climbing structures, a covered platform, multiple slides, and monkey bars.

The playground also contains a toddler structure, infant and regular swings, and multiple climbing structures.  There are also benches, a drinking fountain and restrooms nearby.

Walking Path at Price Park

Walking Path at Price Park

Paved Walking Trail

A one mile paved path winds through the park, past the playground, pond and pavilions.  They’ve even placed benches at convenient locations along the path for anyone in need of a rest.

Price Park Features & Amenities

  • 1000 W. Maple Street North Canton Ohio 44720 (directions)
  • Beautiful Pond with Ducks & Geese
  • Fishing (Catch & Release)
  • Large Playground
  • One Mile Paved Walking Path
  • Restrooms (Very Clean & Well Maintained)
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Covered Pavilions
  • Picnic Tables & Benches
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Court
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Plenty of Shade and Green Space

Have you been to Price Park?  If you’re in the area I highly suggest checking it out.  And remember to bring some bread for the ducks!

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  1. Alan says

    Great piece but may I suggest not telling folks to feed the wildlife bread/crumbs. This stuff is actually toxic to them.
    Alan M.
    Parant and NCanton resident

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