Our Visit to Sippo Lake Park in Canton Ohio – Geocaching & Bird Banding

Exploration Gateway at Sippo Lake Park

About a month ago I was asked by the Canton/Stark County Convention & Visitors’ Bureau what was the one thing I wanted to do with my family in Stark County before summer was over.  My response:

To spend the day at Sippo Lake Park.  Hiking the trails, searching for geocaches and exploring the Congressman Ralph Regula Canalway Center.

I had yet to visit Sippo Lake or the Canalway Center and it was something I knew my kids would love. Thankfully, I was right!

Sippo Lake Park Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails at Sippo Lake Park

When we first arrived at the park we headed straight for the hiking trails.  We wanted the kids to burn off some energy and hoped to find some hidden geocaches.  We were in luck because there were numerous caches hidden throughout the park.  We ended up finding three!  Not bad for our first geocaching adventure.

Side Note:  Since that trip we’ve been out geocaching numerous times and love it.  It adds an extra level of fun to our family outings and the kids love finding the hidden treasures.

Bird Banding at Sippo Lake Park

Bird Banding at Sippo Lake Park

On the day we were visiting, there was a bird banding demonstration taking place.  A local bird bander, Al Eibel had set up netting along the trail and was capturing, banding and gathering information about the birds in the park.  If you look closely at the picture above you can see the netting.

When we were there he had caught a cardinal.  The kids got to watch him carefully place a band around the birds leg, weight it and release it.  It was so fun to see a bird up-close.  Al regularly performs similar banding demonstrations at Sippo Lake and other Northeast Ohio parks.

I wish I had some pictures of the actual banding taking place, but I was too intrigued by the process that I forgot to take pictures.  Sorry!

Congressman Ralph Regula Canalway Center

Canalway Center at Sippo Lake Park

After the bird banding demonstration we headed into Exploration Gateway to check out the Canalway Center.  Computers are located throughout the center and children can participate in interactive exhibits that teach them about the Ohio & Erie Canal, various Stark County Businessmen (The Timken’s, Henry Belden, Congressman Ralph Regula), and How to be Environmentally Friendly.

Playground at Picnic Area at Sippo Lake Park

Sippo Lake Park Playground and Pavilion

By this point in our trip, it was time to eat.  We headed out to the covered pavilion next to the playground to enjoy our lunch.  We all ate, the kids played on the swing set for awhile, and then we found one last geocache before heading home.

Overall we had a great day.  I was glad we had a chance to visit another great Stark Park, we discovered the love of geocaching and we got to see a unique bird banding demonstrations.

Have you ever been to Sippo Lake Park?  Visited the Canalway Center?  If so, let us know what liked most?

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