Pick Your Own Apples in Northeast Ohio

Pick Your Own Apples Northeast Ohio

One of our yearly fall traditions is to visit our local apple orchard to pick apples.  To encourage you to make a trip this fall, here is a list of Northeast Ohio Apple Orchards.

Please call the orchard to confirm availability before planning your trip.  Phone numbers are listed below.  In addition, some orchards many not accept credit/debit cards so remember to bring cash.

Ashland County Apple Orchards

Scenic Ridge Fruit Farm

2031 State Route 89, Jeromesville Ohio 44840 (directions)
Click here to view their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Jeromesville Ohio, part of Bauman Orchards.  In addition to the apples they have Fresh Pressed Cider (Sept & Oct), apple butter, jams, nuts and candies, local honey, maple syrup, sweet corn, pumpkins, squash, gourds, wooden toys and crafts.
Hours: Monday through Saturday 9-5pm, Sundays from 1pm to 5pm
Contact: 419-368-3353


Ashtabula County Apple Orchards

Kiraly’s Orchard

6030 South Ridge West, Ashtabula Ohio 44004 (directions)
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Ashtabula Ohio.  In addition to the apples they have other seasonal fruit including peaches, pears and pumpkins, Sweet cider is also available
Hours: Daily from 9am to 5pm
Contact: 440-969-1297

Smith’s Fruit Farm

6611 S Ridge Rd E, Geneva Ohio 44041 (directions)
Apple Orchard in Geneva Ohio.
Hours: Daily from noon to 5pm
Contact: 440-466-2433


Cuyahoga County Apple Orchards

Heavenly Hill Farm

18373 State Rd, North Royalton Ohio 44133 (directions)
Apple Orchard in North Royalton Ohio, Pick Your Own and Fresh Picked Apples, Hayrides Available.  Read a review of apple picking at Heavenly Hill Farm at Poise in Parma.
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 6pm
Contact: 440-537-3018


Geauga County Apple Orchards

Blue Jay Orchard

17909 Rapids Road, Hiram Ohio 44234 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Hiram Ohio.
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday:  10-6pm; Sunday: 12-6pm; Closed on Monday
Contact: 440-834-4318

Eddy Fruit Farm

12079 Caves Rd, Chesterland Ohio 44026 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Chesterland Ohio.
Hours: Open Daily from 9am to 6pm
Contact: 440-729-7842

Patterson’s Fruit Farm

8765 Mulberry Road, Chesterland Ohio 44026 
Click here to go to their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Chesterland Ohio.  In addition, Patterson’s Farm also hosts an annual fun fest and hayrides.
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 10am-6pm; Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 10am-5pm
Contact: 440-729-9809

Sunrise Farm Market

13115 Kinsman Road, Burton Ohio 44021 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Burton Ohio.  Visit on the weekends in October to enjoy their Fall Festival Weekends featuring Pick Your Own Pumpkins and Cornstalk Maze.
Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:30am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm
Contact: 440-834-1298


Lorain County Apple Orchards

Hillcrest Orchards

50336 Telegraph Road, Amherst Ohio 44001 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Apple Orchard in Amherst Ohio, Pick Your Own and Fresh Picked Apples available.  They also have a Corn Maze, Hay Rides and Fall Festival.
Hours: Saturday – Sunday 10am to 6pm
Contact: 440-965-8884

Miller Orchards

8690 Vermilion Road, Amherst Ohio 44001 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Amherst Ohio.  Farm market also available with local produce, jams, local honey, cider, pumpkins and more
Hours: Monday – Saturday 9am to 6pm, Closed on Sundays
Contact: 440-988-8405


Medina County Apple Orchards

Geig’s Orchard

8468 Wooster Pike, Seville Ohio 44273 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Seville Ohio.
Hours: Saturdays 9am to 6pm, Sundays noon to 6:00
Contact: 330-769-3276

Hillside Orchard & Farm Market

2397 Center Road, Hinckley Ohio 44233 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Pick You Own Apple Orchard in Hinkley Ohio.
Hours: Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat – 10am-6pm; Wed 10am-5pm; Sunday 1pm-5pm
Contact: 330-225-4748

Pick N Save Orchard

1222 Ledge Rd. Medina Ohio 44256 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Pick You Own Apple Orchard in Medina Ohio.  On the weekends enjoy hayrides and a horse drawn buggy ride (must call for an appointment for buggy rides)
Hours: Thursday – Monday 10am to 4pm
Contact: 330-239-1480

Richardson Farms

6984 Lafayette Rd, Medina Ohio 44256 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Pick You Own Apple Orchard in Medina Ohio.  In addition to apples they have a wide variety of produce, a large pumpkin patch and farm animals (cows, chickens, turkeys and pigs).
Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am to 5pm, Closed on Sundays
Contact: 330-722-4029


Portage County Apple Orchards

Monroe’s Orchard & Farm Market / Pioneer Trail Orchard

6313 Pioneer Trail, Hiram Ohio 44234 (directions)
Click here to go to their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Hiram Ohio.  Visit on the last Saturday in September and the first two Saturdays in October to take part in their Apple Harvest Festivals which includes many FREE activities.
Hours: Saturday and Sunday Noon to 5pm
Contact: 330-569-7464

Stahl’s Farm Market North Benton Location

10780 North Johnson Road, North Benton Ohio 44449 (directions)
Click here to visit their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Benton Ohio.
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 6pm
Contact: 330-584-2077

Stotler Orchard Countree Acres Fruit Farm

4597 Laubert Road, Randolph Ohio 44201 (directions)
Click here to visit their website
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Randolph Ohio.
Hours: Saturday noon to 5pm, Sundays 3pm to 5pm
Contact: 330-947-3373


Summit County Apple Orchards

Dunlap’s Orchards

1106 Apple Ridge Road, Clinton Ohio 44216 (directions)
Pick Your Own Apples in Clinton Ohio.  Fresh picked apples also available.  Apple Cider available starting in mid-September.  Read about Our Trip to Pick Apples at Dunlap’s Orchard
Hours: Monday – Saturday 9am to 7pm, Sunday 10am to 7pm
Contact: 330-896-8650

Kuner’s Fruit Farm

5424 South Arlington Road, Green Ohio 44216 (directions)
Pick Your Own Apple Orchard in Green Ohio.
Hours: Monday – Sunday 9am to 7pm
Contact: 330-896-1391


Wayne County Apple Orchards

Moreland Fruit Farm

1558 Moreland Road, Wooster Ohio 44691 (directions)
Click here to visit their website
Pick Your Own Apples in Wooster Ohio.  In addition to apples they also have local produce at their Farm Market.
Hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 7pm, Saturday 9am to 4pm, Sundays 1pm to 5pm
Contact: 330-264-8735

Rittman Orchards & Farm Market

13548 Mount Eaton Road North, Doylestown Ohio 44230 (directions)
Click here to visit their website
Pick Your Own Apples in Doyleston Ohio.  In addition to apples they also have a wide variety of local fruits and vegetables and a bakery.  Read a Review of apple picking at Rittman Orchards at Best Bib & Tucker.
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 9am to 7pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm, Closed Mondays
Contact: 330-925-4152

Remember, if you know of any pick your own apple orchards not on the list or have feedback on an orchard listed, please leave a comment below or email us and we’ll get it added.

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  1. Laurel says

    Kuner’s Apple Farms: NOT A FRIENDLY PLACE!!! There is this apple farm that I’ve been to a few times on South Arlington Rd. in Green. Last year the owner treated my rudely, but I just chalked it up to late menopause or something. I decided to go apple picking with all the kids today on my way home from a friend’s house quite close to there. Thought it would be fun and convenient. It was neither. After having to wait a long time before they came out to direct me to where to go, we had a fun time sampling and picking apples. BUT, when it came time to pay, I went to hand her my debit card, she glared at me like she had caught me red-handed stealing apples! I was confused until she opened her mouth, then I went into a state of shock. She raked my over the coals for DARING to come to her orchard without being prepared to pay. They only accepted cash or check and I was ignorant to assume that a small business would accept other forms of payment. I anxiously fiddled through my wallet and came up with $8 and change (and wondered if she had never heard of The Square or if she even owned a smart phone) and asked if I could at least buy the equivalent amount in apples. I was in disbelief that she could look any angrier with me…but apparently she had no trouble with that. “Of course not!! You picked them…you HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM, and you can’t leave until you do!!” “But how?” I stammered. Well there was this ATM almost 10 minutes away that she told me drive to and she would most begrudgingly hold my apples for me to get cash out. I just shook my head with her in disbelief. “You want me to drive 20 min. to get cash out?” Without giving me another moment’s consideration she half yelled/growled at the poor girl that worked for her, “Get those apples out of her car. If she’s not willing to pay, I don’t want to do business with the likes of her!” But I am willing I thought, as I choked back tears, but I just have $8 and she won’t even let me buy $8 worth.The confusion that came over my children’s faces as I was stripped of my apples and dignity was awful. “But why mommy? why wouldn’t the mean lady let us buy the apples that we work so hard to pick?” “I’m so sorry”, I choked as my body shook with sobs, “I don’t know”. Some people are just nasty, but she picked the wrong girl to be nasty to. I guess some people wouldn’t have even flinched and just laughed at the mean ol’ lady. I just can’t stand up under nasty. I felt so violated and diminished, I fought back sobs the whole drive home

    • says


      Picking apples is such a wonderful fall activity and I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. We’ve never been to Kuner’s but know others that have and go back each year.

      We have been to Dunlap’s Orchard (right next to Kruner’s) numerous times. So if you do decide to go again you should try there. I’m not sure if they take credit/debit cards so I’m bring cash just to be safe.

      I’ll be sure to include a note at the top of this article encouraging people to bring cash as well. I’m sure some of the farms take credit/debit, but if not at least the note will help others remember.

      Again, I know I can’t change what happened, but I am sorry that you had a bad experience.


  2. Rita says

    Bauman Orachard in Rittman is fantastic! http://www.baumanorchards.com. Their fall festival is great for kids, and very easy on the wallet. .50 all day hay rides, $1 cider and hot dog combo meal, and best of all great family time for apple picking! Live music, kettle corn, ect. Check it out!

  3. says

    Thanks for the link to my Heavenly Hill Farm post!
    We actually stopped there on Friday to find we couldn’t pick apples ourselves. However, we did pick up an array of veggies and a peach pie that my husband really enjoyed. Here’s hoping we can go apple picking this summer again – we do love that farm…

    • Find Time for Fun says

      You’re Welcome! I couldn’t believe so many orchard’s were negatively impacted by the frost. Hopefully you’ll be able to do some apple picking again this year. We are planning to go next weekend.



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