FREE Swimming Pools in Cleveland Ohio

FREE Swimming Pools Cleveland Ohio

Did you know that there are many FREE Swimming Pools in Cleveland Ohio for residents to use? I didn’t either!  What a great way to stay cool this summer!

FREE Indoor Swimming Pools in Cleveland Ohio

Each pool is open daily Monday through Friday from noon until 7:30pm.  Lifeguards are on duty during swim times.
Please call 216-664-2561 for more information.

  • Lonnie Burten Rec Center – 2511 E 46th St Cleveland, OH 44104 (map)
  • Central Rec Center – 2526 Central Ave Cleveland, OH 44115 (map)
  • Clark Rec Center – 5706 Clark Ave Cleveland, OH 44102 (map)
  • Collinwood Rec Center – 16300 Lakeshore Blvd Cleveland, OH 44110 (map)
  • Cory Rec Center – 10510 Drexel Ave Cleveland, OH 44108 (map)
  • Cudell Rec Center – 1910 West Blvd Cleveland, OH 44102 (map)
  • Earle B. Turner Rec Center – 11300 Miles Ave Cleveland, OH 44105 (map)
  • Estabrook Rec Center – 4125 Fulton Rd Cleveland, OH 44144 (map)
  • Fairfax Rec Center – 2355 E 82nd St Cleveland, OH 44103 (map)
  • Glenville Rec Center –  680 E 113th St Cleveland, OH 44108 (map)
  • Gunning Rec Center – 16700 Puritas Ave Cleveland, OH 44135 (map)
  • Hamilton Rec Center – 13200 Kinsman Rd Cleveland, OH 44120 (map)
  • Ken Johnson Rec Center – 9206 Woodland Ave Cleveland, OH 44104 (map)
  • John Kennedy Rec Center – 17300 Harvard Ave E Cleveland, OH 44128 (map)
  • Kovacic Rec Center – 6250 St Clair Ave Cleveland, OH 44103 (map)
  • Stella Walsh Rec Center – 7345 Broadway Ave Cleveland, OH 44105 (map)
  • Sterling Rec Center – 1380 E 32nd St Cleveland, OH 44114 (map)
  • Thurgood Marshall Rec Center – 8611 Hough Ave Cleveland, OH 44106 (map)
  • Michael Zone Rec Center – 6301 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH 44102 (map)

FREE Outdoor Swimming Pools in Cleveland Ohio

The Outdoor pools are open from the second weekend in June through the second weekend in August, Wednesdays thru Sundays from Noon until 7:30pm  Lifeguards are on duty during swim times.  (NOTE:  They are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays).
Please call 216-664-2561 for more information.

  • Duggan Park – 1696 Catalpa Rd Cleveland, OH 44112 (map)
  • Forest Hills Park – 12310 Arlington Ave Cleveland, OH 44108 (map)
  • Gassaway Pool – 2306 E 100th St Cleveland, OH 44106 (map)
  • Glendale Park – 3813 E 149th St Cleveland, OH 44120 (map)
  • Glenview Park – 10748 Leuer AveCleveland, OH 44108 (map)
  • Greenwood Park – 2220 W 38th St Cleveland, OH 44113 (map)
  • Halloran Sprayground & Outdoor Pool – 3550 W 117th St Cleveland, OH 44111 (map)
  • Impett Park – 3207 W 153rd St Cleveland, OH 44111 (map)
  • James Bell Pool – 71 East St Cleveland, OH 44105 (map)
  • Kerruish Park – 17218 Tarkington Ave Cleveland, OH 44128 (map)
  • Ken Johnson Pool – 9206 Woodland Ave Cleveland, OH 44104 (map)
  • Lake Park – 1341 E 85th St Cleveland, OH 44106 (map)
  • Lincoln Park – 1200 Starkweather Ave Cleveland, OH 44113 (map)
  • Loew Park – 4741 W 32nd St Cleveland, OH 44109 (map)
  • Luke Easter – 3165 MLK Jr. Blvd. Cleveland, 44104 (map)
  • Meyer Pool – 3266 W 30th St Cleveland, OH 44109 (map)
  • Neff Pool – E 193rd St & Bella Dr Cleveland, OH 44119 (map)
  • Sunrise Pool – 3521 W 95th St Cleveland, OH 44102 (map)
  • Tromba Pool – 16411 Mandalay Ave Cleveland, OH 44110 (map)
  • Warsaw Pool – 4021 E 64th St Cleveland, OH 44105 (map)

NOTE: I have not visited these pools.  If you have, please leave a comment below as I’m sure others would appreciate hearing about your experience.

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  1. Neece says

    The pool listing was very good. I took my 4yr old and my 2 yr old to the Neff pool and they truly enjoyed them self in the kiddie section of that pool. I didnt like how ever 15 minutes we had to break because it was to many people but other than that I fully recommened this pool to anyone with little ones.

  2. Kate says

    One item to note- the Cleveland rec centers are free for all their activities. The schedules are listed online (although they don’t update them very promptly). However, the rec centers are suppose to be for residents only. They are suppose to check your ID when you sign in.


  1. […] FREE Swimming Pools in Cleveland – The City of Cleveland offers residents free swimming opportunities at either the outdoor swimming pools (in the summer months) and the indoor pools at the recreation centers.  Be prepared to show your ID upon arrival. […]

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