Things to Do with Kids in Northeast Ohio

Things to Do with Kids Northeast Ohio

If you’re looking for family friendly places to go and things to do with kids in Northeast Ohio, look no further.  Below you’ll find details on over 300 family friendly events, activities and local attractions.

Use this list as a resource to visit and discover the many great local attractions NE Ohio has to offer.  Most are open all year round, while some are seasonal activities.  I’ve even included many FREE things to do with kids in Northeast Ohio!

I hope you find it helpful as you as planning outings with your family and friends.  And if so, please share with anyone else that might find it beneficial too! 

Indoor Play Centers

Indoor Play Centers

Indoor Play Centers in Northeast Ohio – Indoor playgrounds are a great option anytime of the year.  During the winter, kids can burn off extra energy when it’s too cold to play outside.  And during the summer, you can beat the heat by running and playing in the comfort of an air conditioned room.

Outdoor Play Centers

Outdoor Play Centers in Northeast Ohio

Outdoor Play Centers in Northeast Ohio – Spend a day with the family at one of these great outdoor locations. Whether you are looking for mini golf, batting cages or bumper cars each of the locations offer fun options for the entire family.

Museums & Science Centers

Northeast Ohio Museums and Science Centers

Museums & Science Centers in Northeast Ohio – There are many many unique, educational and fun museums and science centers located in Northeast Ohio.  Plan a trip with your children to make education fun!

Zoos, Aquariums & Wildlife Preserves

Zoos Aquariums Exotic Animals in Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio Zoos, Aquariums & Exotic Animals – Feed exotic animals from your car, enjoy various zoo programs throughout the year, underwater adventures, drive thru safaris and much more.

Fun on the Farm

Northeast Ohio Farms

Farms Across Northeast Ohio – There are many farms in Northeast Ohio that offer educational tours.  Get up close with farm animals, meet the farmers and learn about what it takes to be a farmer.  The farms below offer various tours and special events throughout the year.

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Gardens & Arboretums

Outdoor Gardens and Arboretums in Northeast Ohio

Gardens & Arboretums – Another way to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature is by visiting a local botanical garden.  There are many to choose from and most offer a variety of educational activities geared toward children.

Parks & Playgrounds

Northeast Ohio Parks and Playgrounds

Parks & Playgrounds across Northeast Ohio – Get outside and enjoy the many state, local and neighborhood parks across Northeast Ohio.  Let the kids run and play on the playgrounds, take a hike along the trails or bring along a Frisbee or ball and have a game of catch.  There’s no shortage of outdoor fun to be had!  Plus, read the reviews and see pictures of the local playgrounds we’ve visited.

Outdoor Water Parks

Outdoor Water Parks in Northeast Ohio

Outdoor Water Parks across Northeast Ohio – During the warm months, cool off at one of these water parks.  Each offer a variety of different amenities including, water slides, playgrounds, lakes, kiddie pools and more.

Indoor Water Parks



Northeast Ohio Beaches

Local Beaches – Even though we’re miles from the ocean, there are still some nice beaches in Northeast Ohio.  So pack up your towel and sunblock and head out to the beach this summer.


Free Things to Do in Northeast Ohio

FREE Things to to in Northeast Ohio – Thankfully it doesn’t have to cost at lot to have fun with your family. Northeast Ohio is full of FREE (and low cost) family activities and events taking place each day.

Arts & Crafts for Kids

Art Classes for Kids in Northeast Ohio

Arts & Crafts – Let your kids express their creativity by painting, creating pottery, glass blowing, making handmade jewelry, building wooden projects and more.  Various locations across the region offer a variety of children & family classes, private instructions, demonstrations and more.

Music Classes for Kids

Music Classes for Kids in Northeast Ohio

Music Classes for Kids – There are many great locations across Northeast Ohio that offer Music Lessons for Kids of all ages. From private to group lessons, learning to sing to playing an instrument, there are plenty of options.

Theater & Performing Arts

Take your children to an musical or theater production geared toward children or acting classes and watch their imaginations soar.

Festivals & Fairs

There are festivals held each month of the year with focuses ranging from seasonal celebrations, animals, foods, ethnic festivals and more.  Most offer FREE admission with a fee for various activities and foods.  Below is a list of some of our favorites festivals and fairs.  Be sure to visit for all your festival needs.

Holiday Events & Activities

Holiday Fun in Northeast Ohio

Holiday Fun in Northeast Ohio – Many local attractions offer fun family friendly (and sometimes FREE) holiday activities throughout the year.  From Martin Luther King Jr. Day to New Years Eve and every holiday in between.  Details will be updated about a month before the holiday so you’ll have time to plan.  Don’t miss out, Sign up for our FREE Weekly Newletter and LIKE Northeast Ohio Family Fun on Facebook

Sports & Recreation

Whether you prefer watching others play or you like to get in the action yourself, there are plenty of sports options in Northeast Ohio.  From professional sports teams, sports complexes, athletic events and more.  Make it a point to get active and exercise with your children.  After all, the family that plays together, stays together!

Day Trips, Tours & Unique Excursions

Northeast Ohio is home to make unique tourist attractions.  Visit any of the locations below and become a tourist in your hometown.

Wintertime Activities

Because of all the snow Northeast Ohio gets during the winter, there are plenty of things to do outdoors to enjoy the snow.  Cure your cabin fever by participating in any of the following activities.

Summertime Activities

With the kids out of school for summer break, you’ll likely be looking for things to do to keep them entertained.  Check out all of these fun family friendly summer programs for kids.

Fall Activities

Now that the heat of Summer is behind us, be sure to get outside and enjoy the beautiful colors, sights and sounds of fall.

As you can see, Northeast Ohio has lots of fun family friendly attractions!  I’d love for you to leave a comment about the places on the list you’d recommend or if there are any great places you know of that weren’t mentioned.  

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  1. Robin Blackshear says

    Me and my sons enjoyed going to Northeast Ohio in the summer and now my grandchildren loves it

  2. Enid says

    Thanks for the info; after moving out of Ohio 8 years ago I needed some advise where to take my kids whom are anxious to go and visit the town that saw me grow.
    I’m just wondering if this info is current, I notice comments are from almost a year ago… ???

    • Enid says

      Never mind, just noticed I was reading backwards lol
      We’re planning on visiting this winter… any other info is appreciated.

    • says


      You must like to plan ahead too! :) I’ll have all the dates/times updated by the end of this month, I’ve got to get the Mother’s Day Events article finished first. :) If you check back near end of April the 2014 dates will be there. Hope that helps!


  3. sanjay yadav says

    Wow! Just moved here from LA and just wondering how I am going to engage my 7 yr and 3 yr old.
    So many places to visit, you made my life easier.


  4. says

    Great list! I’d also like to add Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna. We provide tours for the whole family from Spring through the end of October. Tour guests are given the opportunity to learn about and interact with rescued farm animals and then are treated to refreshments afterward.

  5. Mark says

    Thanks for the list. I have found multiple things to do (and have already done) when mommy is at work and dad has to find things to do with the kids age 9, 3, 2. I would like to throw out for any who make it to the comments that surprising to me, a look at geocaching, which is FREE!, has been one of the most fun and family team building opportunities I could have ever imagined. Please give it a try. Look over the how to get started, find an easy geocache to begin and have fun. The searching is a treasure hunt for young and old. I have a great time and my kids do too. Its been one day trying and I’ve already got 2 more planned for tomorrow and at least 6 more hunts ready for future dates. Yay!

    • says


      Thanks for the comment, and I couldn’t agree more. We love geocaching! It’s such a fun and inexpensive activity that both kids and adults will enjoy. We just found #94 today. Our goal is to reach 100 before the end of October. :)

      Happy Caching!


  6. says

    Hi! Great site! I’ve used it quite a bit this summer. I have a couple of must adds! Derthick’s Corn Maze and Farm Experience in Mantua (Portage County). I also like the kids playground Imagination Station in Bazetta Township (Trumbull County)! Self pick fruit farm in Mantua is Monroe’s (Portage County). Thanks for putting this together!!


  7. sonal says

    wow…this list makes me feel so much happier than i was. We are moving from NY with a 4 yr old and i was worried about the not been able to find anything for her too do as compared to NYC. thank you so much for sharing this list.

    • says


      So glad you found our site as well. There are so many fun things to do in Northeast Ohio you’ll definitely be able to find fun things to do with your 4 year old.

      I hope you’ll stick around as we are always posting fun things to do and area events.

      Have a save move and Welcome to Ohio!


    • Channon says

      Wow, this is great for me too! I also just moved here from NYC and I can’t wait to get my daughter involved in all of these fun things to do.

  8. Cyndi Kellem says

    Romp N Stomp at 900 Medina Road is also a fun place for kids. They have open plays, camps, family fun nights, toddler times and much more. You can also rent bounce houses from them or hold a birthday party there. Check out their website at

  9. Peter Kozup says

    Thank you for compiling this list, it will be useful for planning things to do with my grandkids this summer. However, let me correct one error that I found — under Zoos you have Wagon Trails listed as being in Clinton County, in the town of Vienna. Wagon Trails is, indeed, in Vienna township, but in Trumbull County between the cities of Warren and Youngstown. Just FYI.

    • Find Time for Fun says

      Hi Peter!

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll correct it now. Hope you have a great time with your grandchildren this summer!

      Take Care,


  10. CJ says

    Thank you, Thank you . Thank you. We are Grandparents new to the area. This list is such a blessing. You saved me days of searching. This is the best list I ever could have hoped to find. Amazing! I am so appreciative.

    • Find Time for Fun says


      Thanks for making me smile tonight! I’m glad you like the list and hope that you have a great time exploring Ohio!


    • Find Time for Fun says

      Thanks for letting me know about Kingwood Center, I just added it. Glad you found the list helpful.


  11. says

    What a wonderful and extensive list! I pride myself on knowing much about Ohio travel and you’ve managed to list several places I have never heard of! Can’t wait to check out some of the castles you included on your list. And thanks for mentioning Malabar Farm and including my link. :)

    • Find Time for Fun says

      Thanks for the kind words! And you’re most welcome for linking to your post. After reading your write up about the farm, I added it to our list of things to do this year. I know the kids would enjoy it.



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